Sasquatch Sap Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Purchased in flower form from downtown LA's Cannabal City Collective (a spot I highly recommend), this is 3C Farms' take on Gorilla Glue #4, and the frosted, fluffy nugs definitely express major diesel fumes and flavor on the palate. I'm not sure why such a chemical-drenched flavor is enticing, but it is, and it's certainly unique among the usual piney Kush and sour fruit varieties populating shelves. Effects were i...”

  • “makes an excellent shatter. it's very uplifting with a light zesty flavour that can be used in the morning or before some yard work. it also makes a good wind down smoke.”

  • “probably one of best strains I've had in socal. The scent alone had me right from the get go, i was more than caught off guard by it potent effect it had on me throughout the evening, A must try for all .”

  • “A very earthy strain with very wispy structure to the buds themselves, which only reinforced the earthy vibe. A very clear-headed high, perfect for needing to relax, but function well. Definitely helps creativity and deeper thinking, as well. However, I would not recommend smoking it with others. It is not much of a partying strain, by any means.”

  • “diesely and stanky in the best possible way, kind of like gorilla glue but better!”

  • “Fire. Great for stress.”

  • “Tasty and immediate had change”