Skunk Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “CBD Skunk haze 7% THC 10% CBD Leave me functional and focus. Smooth light buzz. Mostly felt in the upper body, equally upper torso/shoulders and head. Very very relaxing, makes you forget what anxiety or stress is. After 45 min a mild sleepiness kick in if inactive. In the action I did not feel any sleepiness and was able to focus and cook the family meal on autopilot. Felt good and Happy life was more fun Good aft...”

  • “Skunk haze is without a doubt the worlds sexiest smelling flower. The journey is clear minded, focused, and subtly mind expanding. Great CBD strain!”

  • “This is Better than focus factor and morphine ! , Eating or vaping this spicy flower helped me put the pain on hold for 4 hours and gave me a crisp clean clear headed focus that got me thru a tough semester in college with an outcome of three A's and an B”

  • “This is one of my favorite daytime strains. The buzz is clear headed, and doesn't make me feel impaired. It's a smooth, mellow, functional buzz that just takes the edge off of my worries. It lightens the mood for me. The munchies take a long time to hit, and a small snack does the trick. By all accounts, its a mild, moderate, reliable and steady high. The lower THC and high CBD help sooth the aches while still s...”

  • “I have smoked a lot of this strain, and I really liked the taste as well as the effects. I always feel really relaxed and loose due to the pain killing effect I have felt. It helps with insomnia greatly. Over all nice strain.”

  • “I picked this strain up from Sandia Botanicals in Albuquerque. Righteous. It is probably the best organic CBD-rich medicine in flower form in Albuquerque right now (private sources and homegrows not considered). Dank, dense, and glistening, go for the Skunk Haze if in need of high CBD relief!”

  • “Skunk Haze with high CBD is one of the best daytime strains in my cupboard. It provides good pain relief and a sense of well being without the impairment. I use it at work and it leaves me functional and relatively pain free for a few hours. I rotate through using several CBD rich strains to prevent building too much of a tolerance to one particular strain, thereby reducing it's efficacy. Would recommend to anyone n...”

  • “The taste was really spicy/pungent and the high was really really relaxed and energetic. Overall a decent strain just a bad taste.”