Snoop's Dream

Snoop's Dream

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Snoop Dogg is a hip-hop superstar who has quite a bit of fame in the cannabis community. Given his status, Snoop’s Dream is a strain that has a big name to live up to and this indica-dominant hybrid does not disappoint. Snoop’s Dream is a mix of Blue Dream and Master Kush, which are purportedly two of the rapper’s favorites. Looks-wise, these plants and flowers take after their Blue Dream parent with medium-sized dense buds covered in orange hairs. The taste is where the kush side of this strain shows itself. Sweet blueberry flavors are there with a pine aftertaste that takes over. This hybrid has a strong indica side for sure and may make doing any focused task difficult. Head effects can also be strong, making this a choice that beginners might want to work up to. Tests have shown samples of Snoop’s Dream have high THC levels ranging between 18 and 22%.

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Strain Attributes

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

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  • 1. Sweet
  • 2. Earthy
  • 3. Blueberry

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“Being upper-middle class and white, much of what Snoop Dogg raps about resonates with me. I certainly have my mind on my money -- investments, savings, 401(k)s -- and my money on my mind -- and I enjoy both gin AND juice. So when I spied a a strain bearing Mr. Dogg's name, I knew that I would soon be saying "awwwwwwwshit son" and blazing up blunts of his chronic while listening to Snoop's thought-provoking lyrics abo...”

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“Simple perfection. Snoops Dream delivers everything I expect of a top shelf hybrid. The flavor is very clean with notes of mint and grape and the draw is is very smooth. The strain hit VERY hard. I smoke with experienced users and no one could take more than two rips. The high is a wonderfully balanced mix between muscle relaxation and cerebral euphoria.”


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