Sour Cream Reviews

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  • “🐝.. I suffer from Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety & severe RA Pain daily. I am curremtly enjoying this Uplifting Strain in a medible, Canna-Honey🍯 made by CLEAN CONCENTRATE (YHS PV ). Releases muscle tension fast. Smiles Galore HAPPY HERB!! Sour Cream honey is YUMMY in my AM tea, Delish in my choc-fudge Brownies, super even "straight up". I purchased my honeybear at YHS Prescott Valley for $110. worth every penny! I have ...”

  • “Excellent daytime Fibromyalgia pain and spasm relief without drowsiness. It sold out in 48 hours at my local dispensaries. I got the last gram in my area and can't wait to get more. It's a lot like Sugar Cookie, but with more pain relief, no paranoia and made me uplifted with no anxiety. Great for getting chores it!”

  • “Had a "Blueberry Sour Cream" cut. Blueberry plus sour cream it was fantastic! Great even high that killed my anxiety instantly. Very smooth come down from a high starting off sativa, and finishing with an amazing body high ( the blueberry cut is really felt here). Really did smell like sour cream. Grown by Phat Panda in Washington State. Awesome :P”

  • “Perfect for maximum relaxation. And nighty night dabs”

  • “Seattle Quality Collective - Seattle, WA A classic strain still alive in the North West, Thai is a strong Sativa that kills pain, and reduces stress while keeping one focused and on point while going about day-to-day business. A euphoric head high leaves the individual in a trance like state, which sets on slowly and picks up intensity as the day goes on lasting hours on a .5 g. bong toke. Thai is a strong variety...”

  • “i love this smell its like some fruity berries an taste really good an makes me feel good like it should”

  • “Tried this a few times... lab led berry sour cream, in different batches. its OK but I found it to have a super dense bud that likes to powder. and the flavor a little musty. So, i admit being spoiled and when other sticky fluffy yumminess is available ill pass on this.”

  • “This sour cream I had was damn amazing. Started at the head, which was very warm and fuzzy, and moved down into the body which felt like I weighed a ton. Very high recommendations.”