Sour Patch Kiss Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This hybrid is definitely a great one to pick up. This sativa dominant strain cures any ailments that you have. Highly suggested that you take small doses of this strange, a little goes s long way. Will either have you energetic, focused and creative or's totally your choice with this strain 👍.”

  • “This is a very fun smoke. Has a slight citrus taste to it. It was a great high. Cereberal high like an indica, but the energy and creativity of a sativa. Super relaxed, fun but product strain”

  • “this strain is fantistic for helping with ADHD the buds are so crystally and pungent its an immediate head rush of euphoria as described and makes you alert”

  • “this is a great strain with amazing effects.”

  • “Let's put it this way: I was only able to buy this strain two times, but it remains on my list of Top 5 Best Strains of all time, and I still ask for it specifically every time I go to the dispensary. Tangy citrusy/earthy flavor with rapid, full-involvement high that lasts about an hour. Smooth smoke; not at all harsh, but wow, is it potent! This strain is especially good for headaches caused by migraine, stress, or ...”

  • “This strain is good, I mean take another Bong rip good! She tastes like Sour Diesel candy on the inhale, and on the exhale she leaves an OG Kush flavour that just sticks around! Kush Gardens hooked it up too with an ounce for $150 HUGE buds too!”

  • “Kept me focused and going on tasks, all while feeling mellow yet energized. A good smoke, whether after work or for a wake-n-bake, it has no tired feeling or headache while coming down, nor is there any cottonmouth effect. Got me where I wanted to be all while being functional and productive.”

  • “I like it all the way around great taste and really does resemble the smell of the sour candy it takes its name from. Using currently for a stomic ache and doing the job. Not too much of a head rush tho even out the bong nothing to crazy just a good relaxing stain.”