Sour Power Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Fantastic smoke - gives you an intense bussing sensation from only 3 pulls. That slight bit of indica genetics makes this a very mellow high as well as being euphoric and talkative. Great for daytime, I'd smoke this every day if I could. Goes perfectly with any instrument!”

  • “I smoked this just now before going to the grocery store and I was very talkative, happy, and hungry 😁 I may have reeked as well”

  • “Super power sativa tripy high ;) I found a grape and sugar feno. very strong and overwelming high. Note: for novates anxiety could go up, be caution.”

  • “It's one of my favorite sativa's right now.”

  • “I enjoyed this strain very much. I wanted to try it for the focus aspect of it. The high levels of THC though, made it impossible to actually work. Still not the one I'm looking for in terms of being able to work without being too far gone. But it's a good head high that comes on fast and doesn't fade. My new favorite Sativa.”

  • “Intensely powerful strain for me. If I'm not careful then the anxiety can get out of hand. If I'm careful it's really awesome fun buzzing sensations.”

  • “This has quickly become one of my favorite strains. It definitely is a very happy high and it gets my creative process flowing rapidly. If you like your buds sour, you need this in you stock.”

  • “One of my favourites for a nice relaxing evening! This has a great relaxing clear high that's great for catching up on your favourite tv shows or just having a nice relaxing evening without a crazy burnout. Also a wonderful complement to mix up with other strains.”