Sour Sunset Reviews

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  • “absolutely amazing bag appeal, with an intense smell of diesel fuel mixed with fruity undertones. sample has 23% thc and <1% cbd... highly recommended.”

  • “Sour Sunset by Smokin' Gun Apothecary - Denver C.O. I'll say this dispo keeps very nice, fresh, well manicured flowers. This strain however stood out for its phenomenal flavor as well as potent effects. The cut I got was testing at 24% and it definitely didn't hold back. I got great relaxing hybrid effects as described by Leafly, it never was sedating or racey. It was just right. It's a strain that makes you ap...”

  • “I don't even know where to start with this one. First off, the buds look absolutely gorgeous. Crazy huge trichomes, beautiful pale orange pistils, nice fat calyxes, and an overall amazing size, shape, and density. The smell is orgasmic! You get the classic Sunset Sherbet flavor and smell, but with a slight hint of sour fruit and gasoline. This strain is just stupid potent. My tolerance is through the roof, but every ...”

  • “This strain will hit you immediately with a real cerebral high you can feel right behind your eyes. The sativa feeling takes over right away and is eventually taken over by a heavy indica feeling a while later. definitely recommend giving this one a try. tastes great too!”

  • “my new go-to daytime strain. perfect for heavy users that find themselves remedicating too often with straight sativa. just enough indica to get some good calming body effects but definitely more towards the sativa side. I'm in the clouds but totally clear headed. the nugs are abundant with redish-Orange hairs and a little on the darker side. very very dense nugs. doesn't break up well by hand so go with a grinder. s...”

  • “This strain is a super hyperactive high at first, until your peak. Then my heart rate began still slow and I was suddenly relaxed and mellow. Very happy. The strain has a piney and citrusy smell to it. While the taste is sort of earthy and piney as well. I used grinded weed, on the first bowl I smoke I. Notice the weed wasn't as smooth in the beginning. After the first couple of hits I felt it kicking pretty fast. Th...”

  • “Sour sunset is a great anytime smoke. The flavor is lovely and fruity. You start feeling the euphoric effects within about five or ten minutes. Really great for lessening anxiety and putting a pep in your step.”

  • “i feel my eyes open up like i just took 4 espresso shots with white chocolate ... Awake for sures .wake n bake strain .”