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Below Average
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  • “This strain is outstanding! Pain relief without couchlock. Mildly psychoactive compared to many other top-shelf strains. You can count on 12-16% CBD and 8-10% THC, depending on pheno.”

  • “I love this strain. And yes, I did get stoned even though it is a CBD strain, and I loved it! Very nice relaxing stone and pain simply goes up in smoke. I hope this strain stays around here in Michigan”

  • “Great anytime of the day. Very calm and relaxed, yet focused and open-minded. Quiets the static in my brain. Smells amazing. 10/10”

  • “Perfect nightcap”

  • “This strain is great for pain but won't knock you down and make you so tired you can't function. Smells great. Smooth on the old lungs.”

  • “I would buy this strain over & over. Outstanding smell & taste! THC at about 13% CBD at about 19%!”

  • “Great pain medicine here. Mild stoney effect. Pain all but disappears.”

  • “Very high citrus taste, made shatter from it and it tasted like popping a lemonhead in your mouth, the high cbd works excellent for calming my peripheral neuropathy did notice that if you smoke strong indica before the startonic that it kills the buzz rather quickly which shows that it's very high in cbd's!!! This is my go to when my feet are driving me to the edge”