Sugar Cookie Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “great strain to sit back and smoke on I love it's effects very nice potent high with flowing and smooth tasty smoke. buy this strain if you love strong good tasting flower and can appreciate a nice indica buzz I noticed I was off though all day which is my fault I should've been aware of this night time strain but none the less I give this strain the fullest of stars I can the only drawback is I just like Sativa domi...”

  • “This time, the sugar cookie baked me.”

  • “Delicious, instantly takes effect. Very cerebral effect. Good night cap”

  • “Sugar Cookie is a really nice smooth smoke that tastes a bit sweet. Got this one on sale from PRC in Phoenix. Am so glad I got an ounce of this. Going in the favorites.”

  • “Nice strain for mild chronic pain days. Great for taking a walk, napping or going to the movies. Its a fun bud that smells like mango lemonade! Went back and bought an 1/8 the day I sampled it.”

  • “Thee best med for bed, hands down. Tastes wonderful and can help the worst ptsd or depression.”

  • “I love this strain. been buying since it came out and it NEVER gets old. I get the best service from the staff as well. enjoy peoples!!”

  • “Really nice strain. Great for mornings.”