Super Sour Skunk Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Had an amazing time with this strain, one of the best strains I've had so far and is an absolute favorite of mine. Makes you super fucking happy, it's almost impossible not to be in an extremely good mood, even in the midst of Armageddon, this strain does not compromise”

  • “Amazing sativa. Gives you the perfect uplifting high and doesn't stop you from continuing your day. Hardly made me feel sleepy or groggy after my high went down so its a perfect morning/day time strain. Smell is light and earthy, similar to the taste.”

  • “Very potent but unfortunately not very long-lasting. Sweet at first, and then turns into an almost semen-like taste.”

  • “Probably one of the funniest highs I've had. Incredibly potent, and while its a bit short lasting it does tend to come in waves.”

  • “This was deffs one of the best strains I've had. I had smoked a Jay of trainwreck and then another Jay of This, and I could feel the effects good. It's strong, taste sweet and smooth.”

  • “Sss looks and tastes amazing. Has a nice 🍋 and citrus flavor.”

  • “Very nice hybrid. All around solid smoke and high.”

  • “Super Sour Skunk (Clone) Looks: Bright green,slightly leafy bud with nice trich coverage, red hairs poke out much like ECSD, nothing crazy,but pretty. Smell: This is what sold me, i feel like skunk strains have gotten lost in the mix because of kush and diesel being so popular. Well ive always felt like skunk was a kind of diesel (pine/chem/sour/skunk), and by crossin super skunk with ECSD they created a undeniable ...”