Tahoe OG Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is without a doubt the strongest OG Kush I have ever tried. This is a very heavy, very potent strain of OG. It has the classic OG high but it's markedly stronger than any OG I've had in recent memory. The smell is the classic OG smell, piney and fresh. Just inhaling this weed lets you know it's dank. You almost cough smelling the buds, the aroma is so potent. The buds are covered in thick orange hairs and ...”

  • “I feel like a floaty cloud, wrapped in a marshmallow blanket that just got out of the dryer. I am not someone who typically smokes stronger strains, but this one is well worth the try. I tend to easy into the strengths as the night progresses. I am Indica and Hy/I smoker only. After a few hours of a 8-9% THC/High CBD strain, I will take a small toke from the bong of this. It lifts you up, keeps the clarity, relaxes ...”

  • “I gave it 5 stars because of the effectiveness of the targeted medicinal benefits it was bred for, and because of it's stable, balanced effects which are powerful enough to relax your mind and body at low doses, still allowing for creative functionality and uplifted euphoria/improved mood, or at gradually higher doses, it's somnolent properties; which also extend for long period of time, gradually decreasing, and fin...”

  • “The pic of the bomb purple tahoe is mine. Tahoe OG from CC is no joke. The smoke is piney earthy tasty...your body gets buzzed your mind relaxed and any physical pain melts away. I happen to have 3 different phenotypes... dark green ..light green...and purplish light green diesel smelling lemon funk. All are pure joy and a little goes far. They can be finnicky ..it is not the strain it is you. U have to know what y...”

  • “Tahoe OG is a really nice relaxing strain. Love these indica OG's that hit really hard and leave you feeling like, Wow, I'm really high. Relaxes stress and melts away any problems. Definitely a night time strain, this will eventually put you to sleep.”

  • “Tahoe OG is one of those indica strains that when smoked you feel like Wow this is really potent stuff! Love how it relaxes me, eases any stress from my day and eventually tucks me in bed. Nice!”

  • “This is some bomb! I love this strain. Taste a pungent good pine and earth with subtle notes of wood and lemon. Again not for beginner because most of the time it can be a hard hitter starting with a strong cerebral high maybe 15-20 minutes after consumption and the 2-3 hours after as a couch-lock stoned buzz. Awesome stress killer that leave you creative and social in the beginning but goes toward a more introspecti...”

  • “d recently gotten an 8th of this strain, never had tried it before. The first time i took a few puffs, I got an earthy aftertaste, really good, very mellow at first. Within minutes, i was totally relaxed. This strain has a high thc count, 20%-25%. It definitely will cure you of insomnia, some of the best sleeo after coming home from work I've had in a while.”