THC Bomb Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Here's a trippy truth, Night and day difference in experiences. After a long day at work I stocked up on meds. This time I chose TCH Bomb. I got home, relaxed and smoked three bong rips. The effects were sedation and hunger, combined with deep thinking and great medicinal relief regarding my chronic shoulder pain. In comparison to last night's experience. Next mornings "wake and bake" Cup of coffee, two bong ri...”

  • “Oh my Jesus. This strain is just amazing. Most strains of weed get me paranoid. Well let me tell ya: this bud is just awesome. It is very potent, and the smell makes your mouth water. My friend and I got smoked out after not even 1.5 grams. The only downside I can say that this has is the munchies. I ate 4 hot pockets in a row. Another thing with this strain, is DO NOT try to put your head down. You will get dizzy an...”

  • “This is my all time favorite strain. I want to make this clear im talking bout T.H.C. Bomb OG specifically from T.H.C. van nuys. Im not sure if they are the same bomb. Anyway this strain is the best pain killer hands down. I have tried 80+ strains and this is the best. No side effects just straight medication. They got a fresh batch coming in at 26% THC. I cant wait. Trust me. My girl has arthritis in her spine and ...”

  • “One of the best strains of weed ive tried. Thc Bomb has strong pain revealing properties and works great for insomnia”

  • “Very mellow, makes me horny most of the time also, Very very fun”

  • “Uplifting, high not too heavy and therefor good for people who want to be active while stoned, made me feel happy giggly and later on it's a very smooth high. Negative sides are a hint of dry mouth and eyes but thats not the end of the world”

  • “This weed was some of the most potent weed ive ever even had. Very very large dense buds just filllled with thc powder. good bud for keif collection, high is very much so a body high it makes you hit the ground hard. 4.5/5”

  • “Perfect medication. Very little side effects, just some dry mouth and slight dizziness. This bud will blow you up like a bomb. Comes outta nowhere and your body shuts off. KILLS ALL PAIN!!! Had the worst migraine, terrible muscle pains, and back aches, they were all 100% pain free.”