The Third Dimension Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain works amazingly well at alleviating back pain I have due to disc injury. it's a great daytime med if you have physical work to do. Motivating yet I still feel chill. I wish I had a constant supply it's my go-to med for pain instead if opiates.”

  • “What a sweet suprise this one was! Picked up a couple g's on the bargain menu and man it knocked my socks off! Very sweet smelling, small popcorn nugs that ground up wonderfully. Just a couple hits is all she took. Grown locally which I totally dig. The only thing I don't like is that I didn't get enough, it's gone!!”

  • “The batch I had was produced by: Silver State Trading , tested out at 23.7 % THC The buds were nice and tight , good looking .... Each time I smoked it ~ I seemed to get something different out of it . One night it put me to sleep 😴 nicely . One night it was a decent buzz, but I had to pull out a heavy hitter to get to sleep . I medicate all day every day .... So I have to switch things up regularly . Overall...”

  • “holy s**the this strain was fantastic I don't say that very often and I've been a patient for awhile now. very deep citrus and fruity sweet smell very robust. under a microscope the tricombs sparkle like diamonds. first light and inhale in alot of the citrus that I was initially smelling I picked up on my palette. very strong in effect 2 hits on a water bong is all I needed. very cheerful and happy experience Def a s...”

  • “This bud inhabits another dimension.”

  • “I loved this strain. my dispensary carries it often and it is a great uplifting smoke. good to go with my comedy movies. Great for stress and anxiety!”

  • “uplifting with lots of creativity mixed in ... great all around smoke! ...”

  • “makes me relaxed and up and doing with creativity ... I am a broken human on heavy medications that leave me sleepy and overall yucky feeling everywhere ... so when I can be happily creating much better for the world ...”