The Wife Reviews

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  • “This is my first (nearly) pure CBD strain. Rich, slightly sweet smell and taste. It truly gave me a deep body high—warm, relaxed, tingling—with zero head high. An incredible option for those seeking to capitalize on the medical benefits of cannabis while keeping a crystal clear mind.”

  • “I mix this in about every vape bowl I pack. It seems oilier or more moist than other flower and the effect is it gives off amazing vapor clouds and all one would expect from a CBD " back." While other cbd strains tend to smell and taste like shit, The Wife smells Amazing. Def try if CBD is your thang!”

  • “Amazing medical strain. Smells sweet and fruity. I love it so much I made some infused coconut oil with The Wife. She takes care of all my bodily needs. A few puffs and my pain disappears.”

  • “I recently tried the wife and really enjoyed this strain. The taste was outstanding wonderful sweet cherry taste. The high is a great body high felt really relaxed and very at ease. I lean more towards the high CBD strains I found these strains to be very good for easing my arthritis pain. I would recommend The Wife for any one who is looking for a great body high but still needs to stay focused and functional.”

  • “Mellow buzz allows one to pursue pending agendas. Great pain med with CBD lvls off the chart. Yummy tangy, cherry flavors and pungent, sweet aromatic profile. Shoulder pain diminished Mind set free Cramps relieved Mellow THC effects”

  • “For starters, everything said about this strain is spot on. People utilizing cannabis as medicine, from pain relief to stress reduction it's a splendid strain. That said. Why is it called wife? Well as a grower it's a bitch. Very demanding compared to other recreation type genetics. Requires a different nutrient mix as well as light type and cycle. Obviously a strain with a 20/1 CBD/THC it will need special a...”

  • “I have nerve damage and muscle spasms and the wife has quickly become my everyday flower. It keeps me clear headed and awake while delivering pain management.”

  • “I got from a t.c.s and its awesome. Works great for seisures . Smelled kinda funky and a little dry but overall great.”