Ayahuasca Purple Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I have been waiting for this one to be posted on leafy! I love this strain! Tons of crystals on it. Leaves you with tons of hash on the bottom of your grinder. This says it leaves you hungry. It made me less hungry! Also many people hear sounds really good. It's kinda trippy visually also! You may think you see something. Also puts you in a good relaxed state of mind. As far as yield. It's a great plant and you...”

  • “Tried this before it was on leafly because it sounded trippy and it gave me a lot more. Beautiful smell and taste. A musky, earthy taste with a great full body high. Great for pain relief and sleep. Had minor surgery and smoked it for pain relief, instead of the pharma shite they gave me and it was great. Nice full bodied indica like barneys farm is known for, def grow again”

  • “Hazelnut, papaya flavor: medium to high bodystone, high yielding plant”

  • “I got this strain today and it was a very nice Purple color. It had very tight Nug's and a strong Spice smell to it. The buzz was relaxing and a medium type body buzz. To a novice it might be too much for the day time use. But to an experienced smoker it would be great any time of day. Overall I would rate this strain at 80/100”

  • “Smells wonderful, earthy, spicy, buds are sugar coated. Takes 8 weeks of flower to be ready. Taste, here's much better than smells, tastes like spiced blueberry with hint of cinnamon. Strange as not many reviews, but the way plant was crossed, wow! Requires deffo more attention. Strong enough to put asleep with fancy visualisation, something to do with ayahuasca. Not recommended for newbies. The only thing i would di...”

  • “Exotic plant,good resina,original herbal mix aroma and taste. Also easy to grow. Very good for good night sleep or taking a knap.”

  • “super relaxing! a little goes a long way.”

  • “Quite a potent indica. Very long lasting and enjoyable.”