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Beastmode 2.0 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “had to take a break halfway through the blunt. I usually smoke bongs, but I felt it only proper to smoke in true beast mode style. blunts. few puffs in it felt as if syrup was being poured over my brain. a wave of relaxation washed over me moving from my head, downward. it is a fitting name indeed.”

  • “After a 5 day t-break my girlfriENT and I tried this strain out after her brother got some in Seattle. The effects resembled it's OG Kush parentage mostly with a very floaty and dreamy body experience. As some time passed the waves of pleasant warmth flowing from head to toe switched to a dreamy state I would associate with its Master Kush parentage. I actually had to take a break during the second bong bowl to get m...”

  • “With a 23% THC content and a .19% , at least the strain I have, it was quite effective on minor body pain, but a bowl of it knocked me on me backside. I hadn't smoked for a couple weeks, so that was expected, but not to the extent to how i reacted. After a couple try all was well. The flavor is wonderful in the berry arena and the earthen tones a are subtle yet present.”

  • “very kushy i but i believe it is mixed with a blueberry cuz mine and smells like kush blueberry. super heavy indica one of my favs hands down. plus ten a gram cant beat that.”

  • “i got a outdoor 1/4 of this from my local delivery and absolutely love it! super tasty and mellow! perfect indica for a lazy day or around bedtime. couple puffs put me in the right mood and mindframe. obliterates stress and anxiety! perfect after work snack!”

  • “This is definitely a good pain reliever, but not good if you need focus. I really all over the place mentally and unable to pay attention. I will give this strain another try but will just go to bed immediately after toking.”

  • “Solid strain. Great presentation. Holds true to its Master Kush roots with a slight funk of the Wifi. I seem to taste a bit of a chocolate as well. Overall its strong, funtional, and medicating.”

  • “Over rated strain. Taste is eh, smell is good, high just isn't there like I would expect. Seahawks fans gotta try it but don't hold your breath buy some bubba instead”