Black Domina Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “The heavy narcotic indica I was searching for. This underrated gem is a proper night time med. As a sufferer of ulcerative colitis, Black D helps to keep the cramping down and kill the pain, stress and anxiety associated with chronic illness. This allows for a peaceful nights rest when it is needed most. Overall a very effective tool for helping to combat the hellish effects of disease. It allows one to ease ...”

  • “Black Domina is easily my favorite strain of weed, and I say this as someone who smokes indicas and sativas equally. What really sets this strain apart is the powerful, narcotic euphoria that comes with a BD high. The feeling is like nothing else, but it has similarities with opiates. The body starts with euphoric waves radiating from the center of your chest, your eyes, your forearms, etc. Sex is far more pleasurabl...”

  • “Amazing strain strong high very tasty”

  • “I got an eighth of this stuff and it was definitely worth it! When I picked a nug out of the container, I could immediately tell it was a high quality bud. The nugs were completely caked with trich's and were also had a distinct lime green color to them. You don't need much of this to feel good. A quick snapper will do. Maybe 2 snappers if you're a daily user. CAUTION :+: Relatively new users should stay a...”

  • “The fruity smell is intoxicating, and the taste is even better. Let me tell you, I consider myself to be "King Indica", and this flavor is SUPREMELY relaxing. It feels very heavy, but in a way that melts all your anxieties away. I'd recommend this flavor to any other connoisseurs of indica.”

  • “Wow! What a strain. Probably the strongest indica I've ever had. Absolutely covered in crystals. Extremely smooth to vape, and excellent in flavor. You're likely not to remember specific details about your evening vaping this one.”

  • “Black Domina is a quality indica strain, which you'll notice immediately. The buds have a beautiful purple tone, especially in the middle of the dense, reisinous buds. The scent is dark and spicy, with strong tones of blackberry, and a hint of hash. The high does not diappoint, like the previous reviewer seemed to think. It delivers everything one would expect from an indica, with a deep, calm stone that is still ...”

  • “good mellow high. good if you want some pain relief or migraine relief. When I get the onset signs of a potential migraine, I smoke a .5g joint and make an espresso. the strain i got wasn't high in thc% but it had nice cbd%. So I guess it did what I wanted it to do. Wasn't pumped on the smell, probably an older cure for the cbd%.”