Blackberry Cream Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Read about this strain on Leafly and a week later it's on the menu of my medical marijuana delivery service here in Las Vegas. Distinct Blackberry taste and a sweet earthy cream like finish. It comes on slow and hits hard. Pain and depression fade fast leaving you happy and after awhile you sleep like prince Valium. My son and I fell in love with this strain. Wow am I glad I tried this one. Normally I don't like indi...”

  • “wow, such a delicious tasting and smelling strain. Packs a kick, and it's a nice slow-mo, relaxing high. I'm feeling happy, chill, and easily aroused. 😍”

  • “Went to my local rec shop and picked this up, the guy at the counter told me its a very heavy indica that will put you in the dirt lol and is best smoked if you have a tolerance built up so you can handle the effects better. So far i can tell he was not lying at ALL. Mine only comes in at 23% THC but it is a total Creeper, on my first hit i was like i dont feel anything then 2 mins later i was Zonked heavy limbs eve...”

  • “Great taste and smell. The high comes on fast and strong but doesn't last very long. That's the only reason this got 4 stars. Super Stoney but left wondering why I need to smoke more after it suddenly wore off. This is my second night hitting this bud and it happened both times. You do feel relaxed after that. However I smoked it fast because the high from the start was amazing. Still worth a try!”

  • “Incredible. Smoked two joints and listened to A Love Supreme by Coletrane, it was a truly spiritual experience. This is the kinda herb where you have a few hits and you can't stop smiling for the rest of the day. Totally cured my anxiety.”