Blue God Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Medium sized, dense buds, covered in trichomes. Half a bud was more than a bowlful. Nice scent, I knew I wanted it as soon as the jar was opened. Tasty. EXCELLENT PAIN MED. Definitely couch locked, kind of spacey and scattered. Perfect for soaking in the tub while listening to a Peter Gabriel soundtrack. Excellent spatial hearing effect, watching TV I could sense certain sounds bouncing off of various surfaces. Fell ...”

  • “When I first saw the Blue God itself, I was taken aback by the purple buds and minor trichomes. It was a nice image, but I was excited to feel the power and taste of the strain! Let me tell you--this was quite a high! But before I get to the high itself, I'll say that the flavor is a soft and pleasant touch of sweet but natural berry. An excellent taste soothing to the oral cavities. Now, the high?!... It wasn't ...”

  • “Dammmmmn. This is strong. Definite couch-lock. I can't get up right now. I'm basically dead. I'm now a ghost. Ouija board me later for ghost stories. In terms of anxiety, it's sort of making me a bit anxious, but overall I feel pretty good. I would def recommend this for anyone who has a high tolerance. It's hands down a night time strain. PS dispensaries are labeling this as a hybrid. I'm not sure what's up with ...”

  • “exceptional, the buds were sun grown so the batch that I had was fluffy sun grow look rather then dense flower. when I went to open the jar I didn't expect much, its sun grown and from my experience most smell the same...not this stuff. upon opening I got a rush of sweet smell very similar to top quality blue dream but maybe better. the grind yielded a treasure Trove of crystals. the first hit was so sweet it taste...”

  • “Once again I tangle with this berrylicious creeper. Lured in by its sticky sweet aroma I partake. Instantly reminded of the tweeked blueberry burst Blue God brings (must be the God bud side of the family). Different from the simple. Far from normal, a wave of honey bear blueberry pinenut saturates my pallet. All goes well for twenty or thirty minutes and then... Food and bed. Thats all I could pull off. Paralyzed,...”

  • “It was a rainy day in so many ways. I had some Blue God put away for just such a day, so I got the little glass jar out. The aroma had faded quite a bit, but was still present when I broke them up. It was still quite potent though, and like before had God Buds Pain Relief and bonus Blueberry Music Appreciation. I must have vaped too much, because I became quite dizzy maybe an hour after toking.”

  • “Has a very sweet smell, gets even sweeter when broken up. The buds are dense, and riddled with trichromes and it almost has a purple tint. As the first hit is inhaled, the sweet flavor lingers and gets a tad earthy (which isn't a bad thing). A fairly smooth smoke, just leaving a tickle in the chest after a big hit. Can almost immediately feel your ears getting hot, and head tingle, while enjoy enjoying a mellow warm ...”

  • “this is powerful indica it always puts me in the best zone when working out”