Bubble Cheese Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Not as intense as other strains I have smoked as it kept me upbeat and in a funny mood. Taste-wise the cheese was definitely more prominent with very little of the supposed 'sweetness' making an appearance... Still a great smoke nonetheless! Would recommend as a 'during the day' if you still need to remain fairly functional.. J”

  • “Not strong at all, but still gives you a nice head buzz.”

  • “Great, almost heavy feeling high. it hits you deep but you can still feel creative and outgoing. Really would recommend it”

  • “Never heard of the strain, until and I smoked and got blazed. Underrated bud.”

  • “Definitely causes the stereotypical cotton mouth but they high certainly outweighs it. Very uplifting. Makes you want to be slightly productive.”

  • “It is very underrated. had it the first time when a friend of mine grew it. It gave me a pretty strong high that lasted long. it was very nice and I would really recommend to try it.”

  • “Great smell, look, and taste. High is more on the body side so it makes it hard to smoke and do anything too physical, plus it's a bit spacey on the head high at times. Regardless it's still a great bud for bed time or relaxing”

  • “Nice buds, can definitely tell it's a hybrid by structure and trichrome colour. As with any cheese cross, the cheese flavour remains but it won't have your whole house stinking. More on the indica side of highs, would recommend using in the nighttime, unless you have anything pure indica. But overall not bad at all, beats standard uk cheese for sure, #boycottthecheese”