Butter OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This one is smoooooth...well, like butter. Nice all round. This dairy product is definitely good for you, recommended.”

  • “Not bad. It's definitely smooth but I don't taste the buttery after taste (which I'm okay with honestly 😖) but it does have a fruity smell. It helps a lot with pain almost instantly and starts off with an awake happy pain free feeling them suddenly hits you with major couch lock and a heavy tired feeling. I like to mix it with my C4 every now and then and that causes a nice even head and body high but it causes ex...”

  • “I was able to try this via a Brite Labs co2 cartridge. It tastes like it's name sake, which is a bit weird, but I like it, It gave me more of a body high which is best for me because I have terrible pain and muscle spasms. It got rid of my headache and loosened my neck and shoulders pretty well. I felt relaxed. Over all I enjoyed it.”

  • “Taste Like Butter When U Roll Right .. Pretty Nice High As Well”

  • “Just picked this up and must say it is smooth and buttery with way relaxed and arthritic pain drastically reduced. Nice buds from the nicest budtenders around!”

  • “I love the butter!¡!¡! Gooey buds laced with yumminess provide powerful effects. dazed for hours, I ate everything in the house.”

  • “Not a very potent strain but tasty. At first you get that warmth in the head as if it's going to be fire but that goes away then it just turns into a high you can do with or without. It reminded me of drinking maybe 2 shots of liquor or having 1 glass of wine. You won't be stoned but you'll be slightly more relaxed.”

  • “love it!! like being at Regal Cinemas with a bag of buttery!!!”