Butterscotch Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “When I opened the bag, I was surprised to actually smell a faint aroma of butterscotch. The buds are somewhat dense and covered in trichomes. The high is very relaxing and a great sleep-inducer. Classical indica mind-calmer as well, which is great for those who are prone to monkey-mindedness and need something to quiet it down. The body buzz isn't as strong as some other indicas, and exists mostly as a pleasant press...”

  • “there are 2 distinct phenos one as shown in my pic(profile pic) leans to the indica side and is a deep purple with a kushy smell the other is a stunning sativa that stays green with purple tips on top colas and absolutely frosted in white crystals with a super pungent sour citrus almost pineapple smell and taste...like the description says "a treat of a strain" huge plants huge yields 9-11wk flowering period outdoors...”

  • “This strain is awesome if you have trouble sleeping. Just 2 bowls had me done. Or has me done.. Lol I'm high af right now writing a review. That's how good it is. Mmm. Smooth hits, great taste and smell. Going to sleep with a huge smile on my face. Goodnight!”

  • “This shits basically your avreage mids its not the best ganja you can find but smoke two blunts and youll drop your pocket and not find the rest of the sack great tasting smooth almost fruity like taste with a candy fume this shits the best for a long days work and slight insomnia and stress obviously i reccomend a stronger strain but if your lookin at chump change its not a wasteful buy”

  • “this strain will knock u on ur ass while ur head is in the clouds (would not recommend this for mid day)”

  • “very nice strain it smells pretty dank though with a bit of a butterscotch smell it starts out with a nice indica high but torwards the end i get some unpleasent dizziness and it would be hard for me to stay awake so it is very good for insomnia but i would only suggest smoking this at night time”

  • “Honestly just straight fire. I'm a daily smoker and this was an unexpected surprise having never tried it before. Got me very high, very quick and just an overall good strain of bud.”

  • “Does it smell like butterscotch? Not really, taste? No, but does has a nice terpene flavour. What I can say is it does relax you in body but also keeps your mind quite focused and engaged, very social and MUNCHIES are strong with this one, It's not highly sedative but you do feel quite enough out of it not to drive or do any crazy physical or taxing tasks. All in all I love it, great mid day to night strain.”