Cactus Reviews

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  • “This is truly an all star pain strain. One of the few strains that provides full body pain relief with adjustable effects. For me indicas are night time only. In fact, I am usually one step further; nighttime after I have absolutely no chance of having to do anything else. This is where Cactus rises above other indicas and hybrids. In fact Cactus shines. If I vape just a couple of long hits I can smoke this ...”

  • “Nice inhale with a little bit of grapefruit and earthy notes, high is pleasant and upbeat yet sedative. Felt great on the way back down too. Smoke it too heavily and you'll get sleepy, but if you need some sleep this ought to do the job.”

  • “Are you freaking kidding me? I scored some of this sweet Cactus flower from Dockside Co-Op, and it knocked my socks off. This bad boy tests at 36.61%, and is a standard at Dockside. The grower they get it from has even won an award for it! This heavy hitting indica starts off with a rich sweet flavor, which gets slightly sharper (or spikier, in keeping with the cactus theme) as you hit it. It creates a str...”

  • “If I could only have one strain in my medicine cabinet this would be it. It perfectly remedies my fatigue and pain and alleviates depressive symptoms. I love Cactus, it's the perfect strain for fibromyalgia and depression.”

  • “Opening the jar of this strain instantly reminded me of one of my favorite genetics, Dutch Treat. The smoke from this strain was very mellow and citrusy tasting. within 20 minutes I was blanketed with a warm body high that curbed some back pain that I was dealing with. I would recommend this strain as a great evening smoke as it made me very relaxed and a bit sleepy.”

  • “Being from the great state of AZ i was more inclined to try the Cactus, this state has a lot of them, i recently had the pleasure of finally trying it out... being the adventurous stoner that i am i decided the outdoors in the desert mountain right before sunset, i sit among the rocks and start grinding up the cactus, she instantly releases a heavy yet pungent citrus aromas with an earthy undertones, similar to fresh...”

  • “I have never written a review before but I felt it was necessary for this strain because I'm in love. I have pretty bad anxiety and this completely wiped that out. My body feels amazing and I was even able to read a book and think about deeply. This is a great before bed strain too as I find it easy to turn off the wandering thoughts.”

  • “Amazing taste, makes me feel like I will never have aches again straight to bed type of strain. A joint will do the job for a few hours! I wouldn't of had this amazing Cactus OG if it weren't for our boy Coy though! Amazing strain, very dense and potent with the strong sweet smell of cactus. I suggest anyone who suffers from any aches to try this amazing flour!”