CBD Critical Cure Reviews

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  • “This is by far the absolute best strain I have come across. I had long been searching for a strain that would help with my anxiety AND depression. This was particularly difficult since I have a sensitivity to higher THC strains (they make me MORE anxious). This strain is absolutely incredible. It's got a fantastic body high, a fairly mild head high, the high CBD helps it be a little less 'heady'. Also, I read another...”

  • “After an 18 year hiatus due to military service, I decided to partake again medically and recreationally. All the strains I tried were too intense and not really enjoyable. After doing a little research, I acquired Critical Cure, as it is a low THC high CBD strain. THC 8.9% & CBD 14% Excellent results! Aroma: Pine/Citrus Flavor: Earthy/Citrus Experience: Very mellow, hyper awareness without anxiety. Slight ...”

  • “Absolutely LOVE! 💚💚💚👍 This particular plant from Mtn View Naturals is 10% CBD and 5% THC, which for me is the perfect pain releiving ratio! It just wraps up all my pain in a soft blanket while helping me feel relaxed but not loopy. This is now my favorite CBD strain.”

  • “I love Critical Cure!! I had 4 little tokes off my pipe after work last night and found it tasty in a sour tea earthy sort of way. I was surprised that this low THC , high CBD strain also gave me an immediate euphoric response. Happy, talkative and relaxed with just enough pain relief....Ahhh that's so nice! ...And I slept through the night... Bonus Star!!! I tried a small two tokes before work this morning and found...”

  • “Exactly what I was looking for in a flower made into concentrated oil. used to fight stage 4 cancer. Taste was strong indica, like Darkstar. Earthy.”

  • “As an accident survivor I was haunted with ghost. Though still there, after this medicine I acknowledge they aren't really there. Wish I lived in England where this medicine is seen for what it is. I am mentally unwell. I do not have departed souls within me, I have my minds manner of coping with loss. I have had a life that is not light on tragedy. Marijuana is medicine 💚 and will help me make age 💯💚☯️💚”

  • “This strain easily replaced Cannatonic as my go-to CBD heavy strain. I find that it's more 'high' than Cannatonic without increasing the potential for anxiety at all. Great for pain reduction as well -- it works on my sciatica as well as pain from sports injuries.”

  • “Very pungent aroma, to me it simply smells sweet, piney with a Citrus smell and taste. Smells like a knoll fern Christmas tree with fruits. Ratio is excellent 8 to 5, 8 being CBD! It really helps with fibromyalgia pain and swelling. A Super comfortable and mild smoke. The best for patients that need real medicine with a lite indica feel to it.”