Chemo Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “One of my favorites, if not my favorite strain I have acquired over the years. Chemo shows you no mercy, so this strain is definitely not for the inexperienced. To start, the buds themselves were covered in crystals and trichomes, and, excuse me for my wording, but honestly had the cutest orange curly hairs I've ever seen on a bud. It was beautiful. It also smoked great. It had a very earthy and woody taste to it, wi...”

  • “UBC chemo is one of the original medical strains of cannabis, originating from British Columbia, Canada. I have chemo kush, which is the original ubc chemo crossed with og kush, but it doesn't seem to be on here. A great night time medicine for those suffering from insomnia, and will also get your appetite going.”

  • “You'll fall over if you don't have much tolerance. Very nice, heavy indica that relaxes the mind and body before summoning the ultra munchies. After that comes nap time. Amazing pain relief too! Not too smelly but potent as fuck. YES/5”

  • “UBC Chemo has an extremely Pungent Kush smell, tastes really earthy kinda woody . I really enjoy this strain, its my go to indica, perfect for night time hits you hard to the body instant couch lock with lots of euphoria. I would definitely recommend this strain to people who are experiencing pain and insomnia , or if you have a lack of appetite this strain makes me extremely HUNGRY ! and a great strain for just h...”

  • “This is a very powerful indica! The chemo I tried is around 25% THC and a cheesy aroma. It knocked me right out each time I smoked it. It is so potent that it is impossible for me to use this during daytime and stay productive. It will put me right to sleep! Which is great for the last joint before bed. With this strain, I usually don't wake up during the night and I usually always do.”

  • “chemo kush is fantastic, great medicinal value, awesome taste. dont plan on being to productive after smoking some of this fine strain”

  • “My mom is going through chemotherapy and has been a chronic pot smoker for years. She suffers from extreme appetite loss, nausea and abdominal discomfort from the chemotherapy constantly since she is taking it orally through a pill. She says this strain is incredible for nausea, probably the best she has ever used and induced a great appetite for her instantly. I haven't seen her In that much relief regarding nausea ...”

  • “Extremely skunky kush smell Very good for my insomnia, stress took my worries away full mental clarity and pain.”