Cornbread Reviews

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  • “Pretty heavy indica, giving me a cozy blanket of body relaxation with a loving embrace, opening my heart and head space while giving me that satisfied deep relaxation that usually follows a good southern meal. Serious lemon smell to it with a background of other sweet smells I assume is the "incense" they speak of, great strain for after work and stress management/anxiety in small doses, higher doses can cause seriou...”

  • “Cornbread Bubba from Royal Tree Gardens. damnnnnnnnnnn. I ate a can of pringles, bag of carmel crisps, bowl of golden crisps cereal, and later had an ice cream cone. I suffer with Lupus SLE and sometimes the hardest thing is eating. I've been looking for something like this for a very long time. this hit my eyes really hard, and after the feast I was out like a light. a gram of this even as a heavy smoker go...”

  • “Just an FYI that this one is very strong smelling in bud form. If you are trying to be discrete you will want an air tight container. Great smell and smoke however.”

  • “This is a wonderful strain. It is nice and mellow tasting of lime. Watch out on this one though. Gives you a nice mellow high with lots of pain relief without the heavy sedation feeling, but don't lay down! Layed down for a second and woke up the next morning!”

  • hi2

    “Didn't think much was happening, until....Whoa!...I'm not that experienced with pure indicas, so it was a different kind of high for me. Really liked it. I can see getting into indica dom more and more. This one was super relaxing but you can easily get up and function....just a nice, mellow stone.”

  • “This is a great strain. It relaxes me. I had one of the most deep and emotional (in a good way) talks with my wife last night after imbibing. The only thing is... it seems to act more like a Sativa for us. It is very rare for me to fall asleep faster while high. My wife on the other hand is the exact opposite of me. She sleeps very easily and quickly after smoking. Well, if this strain has kept her up for longer than...”

  • “Heavy hitting indica that has one of the best tasting smokes around. Grows like a champ but is ridiculously pungent... Beware trying to be sneaky with this one”

  • “One of the best Indica's I've ever had. It was very sedating, relaxing, with bad couch-lock. I would say to only use this at night. A lot of friends that have tried it said it knocked them out so be careful. If you have it in your area, get it. Its an amazing Indica.”