Darth Vader OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This Darth Vader OG was extremly well grown. A whole qp came to me. Ive heard this is a true purp, but every nug was bright green, with a white glaze from the furry white trichs covering it. There was a off color tint to it, not purple, but almost seemed like it could have been. The smell was like minty grapes. The taste was not as strong as i hope, leaning towards a clean minty taste but not bad. The high was very h...”

  • “nice sweet smelling OG reminds me that he was once a Jedi, but the dark green gems tell me it has gone to the dark side... 10/10”

  • “Second time trying this strain from dispensary. Quite nice not a knock out Indica but a very relaxing, calming and work great for high anxiety and panic attacks. Might very well work for other condition pain and maybe inflammation. Very nice Taste and is the most awesomeness purple shade you will find. A must try.”

  • “I got Darth Vader OG and Skywalker OG, mixed them, and watched Star Wars. It was beautiful.”

  • “Not a super long buzz but very nice and mellow. Smooooooth high. Best purple taste I've ever had. Tastes like vanilla coated grape soda. This is a good wake and bake or night time strain.”

  • “It helped out alot with my insomnia an helped my lower back.”

  • “Vader OG was good but the batch I had was not the potent indica that is described by the site. I love heavy indicas but this one did not live up to the hype. It would probably be heavy if you're a moderate to novice user but if you're a high tolerance user this won't knock you out. Romulan is still my go to knock out.”

  • “So far, my favorite strain ever. Very relaxing, great for anxiety. Made my thoughts shut up for a while so I could just relax.”