DJ Short Blueberry Reviews

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Below Average
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  • Jcr

    “I have had this strain on many occasions and I must say it always is amazing and excellent probably my top go to strain as well as GDP the flavor will hit your mouth like a rush of blueberry muffins and the effects hit immediately! I have done a little research on this strain and it seems to be stuff of legend DJ short himself seems to me wanted to perfect the blueberry strain and I believe he did! I use this strain ...”

  • “This strain made me feel good,happy. made me want to get up and do something. AND i did! i deep cleaned and stuffed my face:) defiantly one of my top 5!!”

  • “Wow... Wasn't expecting such a high like this delivered. I smoke very heavy THC buds, and this hits just as hard and lasts even longer. Roll her up in a joint, you get that sweet aroma of blueberries and pine. Mhhhhmmm. Wish I had more now. Give it try, might even shock you!”

  • “if you're reviewing DJ SHORT blueberry and the bud doesn't absolutely smell deliciously salivating of fruitiness then you don't have the real DJ short blueberry. The buds keep for a long time and keep their odor longer!!”

  • “Bed time, Folks...I review many sativas or sativa dom hybrids because I like to remain active while medicating my ailments. An important part of healing is a good night of restful sleep. I was fortunate and found some very well cultivated and manicured Dj Short Blueberry. In Sacramento, I'm seeing some of the finest expressions of the more popular varietals and the herb I picked up is an example of just that. Sweet b...”

  • “I picked this up yesterday at Urban Greenhouse in Phoenix. As soon as I smelled it, I knew I would love it. It smells very strongly of blueberries; mmm so good!! After I took my first hit I fell in love. The high was very euphoric, made me so happy, and I just wanted to DO something. It stimulated my mind but sedated my body. One of the best strains I've tried! Definitely will buy again!!”

  • “let me just say im blowin dj right now. like tony the tiger said....... 'they r great'........ lol, I like the body high of dj. this is my 4 or 5th time playin with it and it does its job.”

  • “DJ Short did a good job with this one! A mellow indica, with an overall euphoric relaxing high. Long lasting, without the crash and burn that some stronger indicas have. Super tastiness - if only real blue berries smelled this dank!”