Double Purple Doja Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is some of the most purple marijuana I've ever seen. People see this and fall in love. Probably 50-75% of the bud is purple, and it smells extremely like Grape. You can search up a page to see the genetics, it seems to be a cross of Sputnik #1 and Black Russian. Sputnik #1 has Skunk #1 and Apollo 13 derivatives. I've seen less-potent LOOKING high-grade stuff pack a bigger punch; such as Sweet Tooth, but Doubl...”

  • “This Stain is not like your typical indica for the high. However like many have said the look will draw you in an make you fall in love. Now the effect from this beautiful flower. Is more of a relaxation effect like harlequin due to its very high CDB%'s However many say it has a grape taste for me. It was more like drinking a nice Porter. More of that roasted chocolate coffee an camel taste. I will say this if you h...”

  • “very good chill medicine. nice and comfy feeling. enjoyed at 3pm, wasn't enough to kill the evening, but kept me semi pain free all evening, semi because I'm always In chronic pain”

  • “the purple boom of the morning thanks”

  • “this is a Suny Cheba strain and not TGA. amazing and complex!”

  • “A mellow hang out at home high. Not super purple, smells kinda grapey. Tastes nice.”

  • “Shared bubbler bowl with wife: Beautiful color flower Doesn't make me too sleepy Seemed more like an earthy/wood taste Focused Thirsty Great strain”

  • “One of the more tame purples I've ever had. Smell is similar to a guiness beer, with a very mellow taste that had some spicey overtones. Mild body high with warmth and tingly feelings at joints and larger muscles- similar to some of the cbd indica strains. Worked well with my aches, pains, and nerve issues. Very functional, focused, non-couchlock experience- took 10 mins to set in fully, lasted 75 mins. Def reco...”