Eran Almog Reviews

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  • “I am absolutely not one to leave reviews unless I come across a product or service that is exceptionally good or bad, but this occurs maybe once or twice a year. I have been a subscriber to Leafly for about a year and have never left a review in spite of the fact that I have tried over 40 strains over the last couple of years from several different LP's. Several patients that I know as well as my doctor recommended...”

  • “Suffer from combat PTSD for 6 years , had every sleep pill - ambian , bondirmin , sleep aid , amphetamines , nothing help till i used this , i sleep much better and have less nightmares , its not magic but it help more then the pills, it didn't make me sleep like "normal" people but its getting close”

  • “Love it! Love it! Love it! I have fibromyalgia and Sjögren's syndrome, which means I'm always in a lot of pain basically. This strain made me forget about the pains and took me to a great euphoric cloud!”

  • “I have nightmares, night sweats etc and have neither on this. 4-6 hours of deep sleep followed by a few hours of light lazy sleep. Takes awhile to kick in, but when it does, buckle up!”

  • “So I finally tried my Licensed Producer's pricey flagship strain. A few thoughts: 1) It is advertised as an indica, but it has a strong haze undertone, in its bud structure, and in the cerebral quality to its otherwise sedating buzz. I would speculate, thus, while the genetics are top secret, that this is a Siliver Haze crossed with either Godbud or G-13 cross. Likely G-13 in terms of the buzz. 2) It is very strong...”

  • “This strain is supplied by medreleaf of Canada exclusive partners of tikun olam.”

  • “A rare breed in both accessibility and potency, I can personally attest to having received THC/THCa content of 27.34%, and that was a crumble(slightly less expensive) which tends run lower. Personally, I found it an uplifting high that made me want to chat with friends, during which everything was hysterically funny. Can't give it the full 5 because like everyone else who's tried it, I payed too much, but it's defi...”

  • “Pain… SNAP anxiety...SNAP 27%THC This is the best Medical strain EVER! I would also recommend for those who have been enjoying cannabis for a while and need that extra kick in your butt! Go slow and enjoy🙏”