Erez Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I am a severe PTSD sufferer. I had high hopes for this strain as it was advertised as a new incoming. I grabbed it the first day and have been experimenting with it for a week on and off. I really don't have much to say. I don't think it's a unique strain for me, it does not stand out. I didn't notice a hard hit or even a good feel, just blaze. Now, Tikun's Sativa strains are out of this world!”

  • “Erez is one of the strongest Israeli strains on the market. It smells similar to the old style bubble gum from Amsterdam. Buds are big and fluffy, a fair amount of dry leaves hide fruity sweet nugs of orange goodness. Light green, indica dominant yet doesn't seat you on your ass. After grinding, the result is green/white, from all the crystals in the bud. It's nighttime yet good for day use in moderation. Highly reco...”

  • “one of the best Israeli strains straight out of Tikun Olam, they are simply pioneers !!!”

  • “A nice strain but I had dry mouth as a side-effect. Keep water on hand. A good body strain and not very psychoactive.”

  • GHG

    “cheeziy and relaxing”

  • “anybody know where I can get some in AB area 👀”

  • “A realy strong strain made in israel make you sleepy”

  • “awesome. it's a light smoke but really heavy hitting buzz”