Gobbstopper Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Not sure if this is the same strain I got here in IL. Very nice indica. Def puts me on couch lock but once the initial body high passes it is very much in the head. So I feel like this may be a indica dominated hybrid. Regardless, it's a nice strain. Be ready to be hungry .....”

  • “the clinic mundelein says it's a hybrid, but, anyways, it is very kush smelling and fruit flavored:) a good all day herb that makes you feel nice and relaxed. relieves stress and anxiety.”

  • “Pretty awesome strain. Love the flavor (concentrate taste just the same but amplified ten fold). Always super icy, trichome coverage is insane. PTS did one hell of a job with this strain. And the awesome staff at Midwest Compassion Center always have it priced below average!”

  • “Very fruity, lemon, almost ginger flavor with a touch of mint aftertaste makes me happy. I found this to be a good, giggly high with strong euphoric effects. Great for social anxiety.”

  • “Don't be turned away by the By the low THC factor I picked up an eazy of this Indica from Green Hand in Spokane for a dub and it's Legit! So good I slept through 3 alarms”