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Grand Hindu Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “I love to watch Ancient Aliens when I'm high, but never before have I enjoyed it on this level. I keep having to pause it, so that I can really think about what they said. The next thing I know I'm staring blankly at the screen. This Indica has one hell of mind component. Am I high? Ancient Astronaut Theorists would say...Yes!”

  • “I was talked into this strain by the knowledgeable staff at my dispensary, I usually don't buy indicas, but I was sold on the 29.5% thc level. I could smell grape soda from across the room as my purchase was weighed. The buds smell like the grapest Kool-Aid ever. I enjoyed this with my pipe, and I have to say this is the best tasting weed I've ever had, on the exhale, I tasted Welch's grape juice. No couch lock s...”

  • “Hindu Kush x GDP complement each other so well. I really like indica and GDP. Hindu Kush is ok. It's bland on taste but strong in effects. That's where the GDP comes in to add the taste of grapes and blackberries. The two together make an amplified GDP. Strong relaxation in the body, where my joints felt like they were melting into my muscles. Zoned deep into calmness in the mind feeling like a ghost in the fog on a ...”

  • “Strong but relaxing”

  • “one of them best strains i have ever smoke”

  • “Pretty strong relaxing high, cotton mouth, and dry eyes.. Taste: grapes/berries Smell: berries/overpowering dank smell Looks: purple spotted nugs /spear-like nugs/ dense Price: $45/8th”

  • “Grape Skunk Funk! Love it! You can really smell & taste both the Hindu Kush and Grand Daddy Purple in this strain. Very potent! Nice relaxing high! Hope this one sticks around!”

  • “Usually it takes me five ten minutes for me to feel anything. At least for the strong effects. This feels like a sensory dep float. Im aware of what's going on around me and I smell/taste the grape on exhale. Suffering from body pain, I feel this not just ease off but turn off. I am relaxed with this brilliant hybrid. The zone out effect is real but worth it. You will feel like a kid again. New favorite. Yes. You d...”