Grand Hindu Reviews

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  • “I love to watch Ancient Aliens when I'm high, but never before have I enjoyed it on this level. I keep having to pause it, so that I can really think about what they said. The next thing I know I'm staring blankly at the screen. This Indica has one hell of mind component. Am I high? Ancient Astronaut Theorists would say...Yes!”

  • “Strong but relaxing”

  • “I was talked into this strain by the knowledgeable staff at my dispensary, I usually don't buy indicas, but I was sold on the 29.5% thc level. I could smell grape soda from across the room as my purchase was weighed. The buds smell like the grapest Kool-Aid ever. I enjoyed this with my pipe, and I have to say this is the best tasting weed I've ever had, on the exhale, I tasted Welch's grape juice. No couch lock s...”

  • “The only strain that I have personally come across, in 20 odd years of experience with cannabis, that actually has a grape drink smell/taste.”

  • “one of them best strains i have ever smoke”

  • “Grape Skunk Funk! Love it! You can really smell & taste both the Hindu Kush and Grand Daddy Purple in this strain. Very potent! Nice relaxing high! Hope this one sticks around!”

  • “A lovely silver green bud that when taken in small dosages can leave the user calm and relaxed, any higher and an extreme lay down may be in order.”

  • “Pretty strong relaxing high, cotton mouth, and dry eyes.. Taste: grapes/berries Smell: berries/overpowering dank smell Looks: purple spotted nugs /spear-like nugs/ dense Price: $45/8th”