Grape Drink Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Very good high, I love it!”

  • “Grape Drink satisfies the sweet tooth that lays in all of us.. It's not overwhelming, but I'd stay well clear of bicycles, skateboards and especially automobiles when consuming this deeply relaxing Indica... I like to use Grape Drink in a tincture- for use in medicated mint juleps.. made with the finest bourbon whiskey of course!”

  • “Tried the critical extract. It lived up to the hype and price. Perfect "holiday dabs."”

  • “I got this strain from The Highway in Colorado. It was grown outdoor in the Keystone mountains at altitude. It is the darkest purple I have seen and the biggest outdoor purple nugs I have seen in awhile. Definitely the hardest hitting indica I have had. Great strain!”

  • “Smells amazing. Everything you want in an indica. Has that hint of grape flavor. Gives you that body relaxation with a pretty nice head high.”

  • “Shame there's none around my area. Sounds interesting. Couldn't post this thought without choosing a number of stars. I went with 4 for hope. If I feel differently after then I'll come back and notch it down.”