Green Dragon Reviews

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  • “This weed has a interesting sweet candy mint pine thing going on that i really dig, but tolerance builds up quick.”

  • “This heady buzz is light and playful on the back of the eyes. I tried an extract in a g-pen and the flavor was as stated, smokey, piney, and woody. Burnt Cedar almost. No paranoia, but rather feelings of safety and comfort. Happy and euphoric. Laughing tremendously and creative enough to leave my 1st comment on leafy.”

  • “I really like Green Dragon for the stress relief (as well as calming my anxiety). It doesn't offer as much in the way of sleepiness (which is one aspect I look for in Indicas), but it is so effective in calming my nerves that I am able to relax. It is harder for me to use this strain during the day, however, because it does tend to zone me out, which is a welcome feeling before bed, but not so much during the day. Th...”

  • “great taste great pain relief.”

  • “Green Dragon is the best strain I have ever tried and as a Medical Marijuana patient I have tried many! This doesn't feel like an indica at all. It is uplifting and gives you so much energy. I have had so many fun times with this strain. It's great for exploring new cities and spending time with friends. I also like it because I can still think clearly when I smoke it! Totally recommend!”

  • “Amazing. Each puff gets better than the last. Woody and sweet flavor and chill mellow high. Perfect for a rainy day or after a shitty day of work.”

  • “No burn out after and the high made me want to do things.”

  • “strong relaxed body high”