Hammerhead Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “I tried finding reviews on this one but there weren't many. I always look for new Indica strains for my various ailments,& decided to give this one a shot. This has a particularly higher CBD content than any other strain I've tried , as well as a lower THC content,at least from what I've read. Somehow this creates a great relief for my constant muscle/joint pains as well as has stimulated appetite & helped me fall as...”

  • “Fantastic body high with a touch of "mental decongestion". The flavor was interesting. Definitely not bad, but it was difficult to describe in the moment and even more so now that it's been over 24 hours since use.”

  • “By far my favorite strain. I have a lot of occular migraines due to a bad infection I had almost a decade ago caused nerve damage. I've tried medicines and nothing ever gave me relife. I got this strain as a gift and I didn't try it for a while since I am not a big smoker. One day I was having some major pain from it and couldn't really do anything besides lay down so I smoked it. A little while later I was up and ab...”

  • “Y'all know me. Know how I smoke a lil. I'll toke this bud for you, but it ain't gonna be mellow. Strong fish! Not like going down to the pond and chasing kushs and Girl Scout cookies. This Hammerhead shark... she'll swallow ya whole in her high. Little head, little body, down you go... into the couch. And it's gonna hit you quick, that'll bring you back like tourists, that'll put all your businesses on a payin' bas...”

  • “I have some hammerhead x sour dub and it really is what I'd rate at as flawless in appearance / taste is complex changes inhale/after taste/ high is very Stoney yet certainly can feel the sativa in it. Overall : 10/10 my first time ever seeing hammerhead and it was masterfully done the sour dub is a welcomed cross due to how heavy hammer would be alone . Unless your in the humboldt county area as I am good luck find...”