Hardcore OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Another fire og the name speaks for it's self just picked up 10 gs and I'm loving it true og strain tastes great smells great and the high is outstanding”

  • “Tonight's adventure with a concentrate of Hardcore OG has me completely and amazingly impaired. I saw the flower on sale for insulting prices here in SF, so I got curious about what made it so special. I love Indica too, so I decided to scratch the itch. After doing some research, I found a cult that worshiped tonight's concentrate which is supposed to be able to cripple a rhino: rhino down. I feel like a happy l...”

  • “Hardcore Og from West Coast Cure is some of the terpiest, tastiest, most sedating form of THC I've come across. These guys's work is INCREDIBLE and absolutely worth it. 5/5 Strain, and 5/5 concentrate EVERY batch.”

  • “West Coast Cure Bhomb - Cakebatter concentrate Super smooth, intense high, very unique and well worth the premium pricing. Jarret is the very talented master chef at WCC the purveyors of this award winning strain and he is gift to the industry.”

  • “sweet strain, very strong and calming. relaxing. giggly, very stoned.struggling to write a review lol. it's good stuff. [10/10]”

  • “I'm all about the flavor and scent profiles in strains. This one is pretty cool because it has a nice flavor profile, with some earthy grape notes in there. As far as anxiety and pain goes, I'm super spaced out and I feel like Gumby. Keep this for the "I just want to have fun and feel good" times. Highly recommended.”

  • “I've seen and burned a lot good mellow burn!”

  • “One of my favorite strains. It's a hard hitter it is not for the rookies of the indica world.. Taste is sweet berry like & you will defenitly have couch lock with a couple bowls for sure.!”