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The Hog

The Hog

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Originally bred by T.H. Seeds in Amsterdam, The Hog is regarded as one of the strongest strains in the world and won a High Times Cannabis Cup for the best indica in 2002. This strain is recognized by its pungent aroma, indicative of its world-renowned, extremely heavy body buzz. In fact, it is so potent that many advise cautionary dosage control. The short plant is relatively easy to grow indoors or outdoors (with slightly taller growth outdoors) and has a flowering time between 8 to 10 weeks. The yield is high given the plant’s size, producing buds with high THC content ideal for pain relief and other medical uses.

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Strain Attributes

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

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  • 1. Earthy
  • 2. Woody
  • 3. Pungent

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“Hog is a very good, classic strain. Quick head change and nice, natural flavor. This has become one of my favorites because it's never disappointing and none of it's effects are too extreme. Only downside is that depending on the environment, it can give you a good case of the giggles, but that's not really a downside, now is it. I highly recommend Hog if you're just looking for a good ol' high.”

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“I had not heard of this strain when i saw it at the dispensary, but seeing it listed as a pure indica at 28% thc definitely peaked my interest. I ended up picking up 2g of it for $21. Upon opening the jar there was this really heavy deep pine smell to it. It didn't have any notable sweet berry aroma to it like of indicas seem to. Definitely had the piney, hashy, Afghan-like smell. The smoke was one of the smoothest I...”


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