Holland's Hope Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “When the stars shine a little too bright And you can't sleep at night Cause your body and mind are in a fight. There's hope from Holland to put under your light, It'll make you sleep so tight.”

  • “This was the first cannabis I had ever consumed in my life. I accidentally took a large hit from an improvised aluminum can pipe of 0.5 grams in one hit. This led to a fit of coughing not from the weed, but from my virgin lungs. Anyways, after about 10 minutes, I literally nearly collapsed, ran to my bedroom, and sat down. I found myself in a total state of euphoria, with the feeling of losing sensation in my arm...”

  • “Super dense nugs, medium green/yellow in color. Smells like deep lemon-fruity dankness, super sweet. Tastes just as good as it smells, super smooth smoke too. So good.”

  • “Hits you fast and lasts long. Had a bit of trouble remembering simple things like Internet passwords, phone numbers, and conversations but it definitely put me in to a real good happy mode and had no stress.”

  • “Smells and taste cheesy.”

  • “Feeling like you can't focus? Do you have brain fog? This is definitely the type of strain you want to help focus and read a book with. I find relatively light water bong consumption, (.5 grams) will elicit a very concentrated state of mood. Consuming more will make me too stimulated - to the point of not wanting to focus on any one particular thing anymore!”

  • “I love it because it is an uplifting indica that doesn't give me anxiety and it actually works. Great for depression!”

  • “Nice uplifting indica. Has a rich mellow flavor. This is a good evening strain.”