Jedi Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is my go to medicine. I have huge problems with appetite problems, sleeping issues, stomach issues, and body pain. This strain knocks all of that out, even with high tolerance levels. Very strong strain, it's a Hybrid from DeathStar and SVF OG (both Indica's) great to smoke, eat a meal, and lay down for a great nights sleep. Also, is great for lost libido. It is HEAVY with smoke, this will make you cough, take s...”

  • “"The Force is strong with this one."”

  • “To this day still the best strain I have ever had the honor of toking. Its that kind of high that the more you smoke, you just keep getting higher, but it NEVER reaches that "I'm too high" point... its just the greatest care free euphoric feeling ever. Will purchase any opportunity! 11/10, highly reccomend!”

  • “This strain tastes more amazing than blue milk. It also is great for some Jedi creativity and relaxation that lasts for a ridiculously long time. Although this part of the Force works more as an indica, it still got me creative. After smoking this, your midichlorian count will be even higher than the boat times. "May the Force be with you."”

  • “This strain is amazing!! I have never had a strain treat my Bipolar Disorder so well in my entire life as a toker. It has a rich citrus smell with just a hint of Diesel. A Must Try for anyone with Bipolar Disorder/Depression/Anxiety”

  • “A long time ago. In some soil far, far away. A lone grower started a plant whose parents possessed the power of the force. Imbuing their talents they created this strain. Tasting of citrus and diesel this plant if struck down (with a lighter) is more powerful then you could possibly imagine. Recommend this I would. High you will be.”

  • “my new favorite strain. love the diesel/OG flavor. gives me a very happy high while making my pain inconsequential. gotta find some seeds of this!”

  • “I kept getting these profound realizations! Those moments where you say to yourself "wow I never thought of it like that". I'm a seasoned smoker but haven't experienced anything like this quite so powerfully and with the ability to recall new insights. This is especially helpful in my job as a video editor/producer. It also helps decrease nerve pain.”