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Jorge’s Diamond Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Jorge's Diamond is now available in Pennsylvania despensaries. This flower has a sweet, flavorful fruity aroma and it taste sweet like honey and berries. Patients enjoy its calming effects. Patients also say its good for chronic pain, muscle spasms and anxiety.”

  • “this strain is my last harvest, it gives your day slowly and long-lasting high effect,i think that the best of time use is night.”

  • “Such a smooth and flavorful strain. literally melts my pain away and leaves me with couch lock. this has become my favorite strain. I would recommend this for anyone that suffers from chronic pain and arthritis.”

  • “definitely am loving this strain. it just took itself all the way to my top five and I have had the pleasure to smoke a lot of different flower. this right here though let's just give it up loving it. Oppies-Law approved”

  • “I’m digging Jorge! The smell is sweet and fragrant! It’s beautiful to look at, kind of like a diamond. Its got lots of orange hairs. Jorge not only looks and smells good, he delivers. My pain is drastically reduced. My mind is clear and I feel so much better then u did an hour ago. I was hoping to feel sleepy but I do not. This is a good thing because I’ll use this strain when The pain is bad and I have lots to get...”

  • “This strain provides a smooth, relaxing, indica high. it tastes earthy with a SLIGHT skunk kick. It creeps up a bit, so don't underestimate it! I bought this at 14 something percent THC and it works better for me than some other strains did for me in THC. I wish the high would last a little longer, but otherwise, it's nice. It also provided relief for my headache as well.”

  • “Love it,,”