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  • “I'm going to give a full review of Jagermeister OG (yes Jager is OG) marijuana strain created in Southern Oregon. I known this strain like the back of my hand so without further ado-- *Origin: Southern Oregon (anyone who tries to take credit for this remarkable strain outside of Southern Oregon is just plain full of shit) *Appearance: darker green and purple oblong/pinecone tight buds with purple calyxes throughout w...”

  • “this jagermeister is a nice less potent relaxing strain with a distinct minty after taste... i have got to vape this. this high is not "couch lock" but chill and daytime functional sending a cool sensation thru your brain.”

  • “Holy Batman, Batman!!! Rolled a RAW Joint (Jager and Blue Dream) = Blue Jager with the cone tip and.... well.... Hol' on. You better move within' 30secs of smoking because u will get mesmerized by anything u look at. Body is pain free, glossy eyes, and makes me just want to sink sink sink”

  • “This was such a excellent top-notch strain! This strain I had got was straight up from Southeast of Oregon of Nectar PDX. Organic grown and bred! I am an Oregonian myself and I've tried many strain and this is by far the best strain. First of all, this strain has such a dark, dense green color. The smell was super pungent too. Only downgrade was the taste, it had that metal taste, lil alcoholic taste of Jaegermeister...”

  • “This is my new all time favorite. Got some 2 different times at the medical market in Phoenix. Very tasty, sticky and flat out yummy. I will be buying this one every chance I get.”

  • “I was at Beaver Bowls, looking for an indica and Jager was the bowl of the day. It was a good deal, so I bought an eighth, out of which I eventually rolled a total of four joints. I also bought a pre-roll from High Quality Compassion of Hindu-Jager, a Hindu Kush X Jager cross that smokes a lot like ordinary Jager. I'm not really into the flavor game and my canna-palate is weak -- to me, weed tastes like weed -- but...”

  • “Its a cross between purple Hindu kush and bluedream I live in southern Oregon this strain was made is Selma originally a friend of mine knows the creator its very mold and mildew resistant it was bred outside and the buds are dense and no matter who grows it with what nutes it always tastes smells and looks the same”

  • “Just got a couple z of this. Verry uniuqe strain. The buds were beautiful, perfect round buds, with bright barney purple blotches outside and a gooey purple inside. Extremly healthy,milky trichs cover the bud and leave the vibrant colors visible even without a bright light source. The smell is a piney diesely kush smell with hints of sweetnesd, maybe black licorice. The taste starts sweet, almost licorice or grape th...”