K-Train Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Wow what a strain..Trainwreck x Kush... Beautiful as hell to start off with.. great heady fast strong body high, with intense pressure relief in my joints and relaxation. overall it made me quite lethargic and sleepy but worth it for what i needed It hits fast, and it hits hard. Stoney on the body, confusing and trippy on the brain. A truly powerful smoke. i feel like i just got hit by a K Train.”

  • “Great strain. Taste isn't bad, but not really memmorable. The buzz is though. The buzz reminds me of Herojuana a little ( Very powerful strain). I would buy this weed again. I give it a strong 9. Happy Dayz -”

  • “A very good bud indeed, K Train has now aquired a special place in my heart, as this is the first time I've smoked a Kush joint. Would recommend ideally taken in the evening before bed or before dinner, whatever you prefer. Speaking of, one thing I noticed was that it didn't make me as hungry as cannabis usually makes me. It's not like that was a buzzkill or anything, just noticed that and that was my personal experi...”

  • “K Train will make your senses go wild and your body beg for more. It smells of spice, orange, sour, and citrus with fresh coffee undertones. This is some serious medicine and will provide the user with a head numbing, body thumping experience that will make them happy and uplifted. As a medicinal user i find this strain ideal because it lasts a solid 3 hours and stops pain and stress, increases appetite, and decreas...”

  • “My opinion very good indica. strongly on the pain relief. Enormous pressure to lay down, Sleep and Eat. in a weird way uplifting. I had a bad day and it doesnt matter. easily top 10. Girlfriend ( say it f@ck her up. in a good way.)”

  • “Excellent, one of the best tasting and most pain relieving strains I've ever tried. Not the most energitic buzz though.”

  • “spicy shit! smells spicy tastes earthy and spicy! mixed it with some UK cheese. called them poppers. get hit with that cheezy aroma and earthy spicy combo! blam! toasty.”

  • “A wonderful combo. STABLE. Big Big yields in hydro with true GHSC genetics.”