Kandahar Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • M0E

    “If you like Indica this is the strain for you. Amazing body high.”

  • “BEST EVER!!!! I am strictly an indica user for sleep and this one is THE a Best. 2 hits and I'm ready for bed. Never wake up. It has a great flavor and no bad side effects. No headache no dry mouth. Awesome”

  • “This strain is strong. 4 stars because it did help me sleep, and without nightmares (I actually had an interesting adventure dream) and it controlled my RLS. Minus a star because it made me really dizzy and messed with my vision. I couldn't see in the dark at all, even with a small nightlight on.”

  • “Delicious smell and taste, mellow smiley relaxing effect, with a visual edge.”

  • “Awesome strain with an unique taste and excellent for relax”