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Kandahar Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “BEST EVER!!!! I am strictly an indica user for sleep and this one is THE a Best. 2 hits and I'm ready for bed. Never wake up. It has a great flavor and no bad side effects. No headache no dry mouth. Awesome”

  • M0E

    “If you like Indica this is the strain for you. Amazing body high.”

  • “Awesome strain with an unique taste and excellent for relax”

  • “Delicious smell and taste, mellow smiley relaxing effect, with a visual edge.”

  • “Kandahar kush is a really nice evening or night indica strain. Will definitely get you tired and ready to relax. You’ll feel the high in your eyes, forehead, and most of your head. This gives a classic “Stoney” high and gives your body a nice body buzz. The buds themselves are good in size and somewhat frosty and covered in orange hairs. The smell is earthy, citrusy, and slightly sweet. This is a very nice strain fo...”

  • “This strain is strong. 4 stars because it did help me sleep, and without nightmares (I actually had an interesting adventure dream) and it controlled my RLS. Minus a star because it made me really dizzy and messed with my vision. I couldn't see in the dark at all, even with a small nightlight on.”