Kraken Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is quickly becoming a new favorite. Super potent indica that transcends you to deep relaxation without knocking you unconscious. Added bonus in that it doesn't give me the munchies like most of the others do.”

  • “An acetone note initially when you smell the flowers. Clean aroma ones broken down the tricombs seem to balance the weight of this Indica”

  • “This is an amazing indica. Doesn't make me knock out immediately. It's more of a just happy high.”

  • “Kraken got me a very happy high, and also it tasted kinda spicy, which I really liked”

  • “This is a really good road trip strain. The music is euphoric, probably good for a novice smoker. This would help a notice somewhat test the waters with Indica.”

  • “This powerful strain will release a euphoric burst of energy from the moment of impact. You will then be subdued by a deep and enriching cerebral experience that will leave you forgetting previous thoughts and removed from the surrounding environment. This crystal-covered flower is preferred for early evenings when you have nothing left to do in the day.”

  • “3.75/5 I finally found this strain after I heard a ton of people raving over it. When I got it I was so ready to get ripped off a bowl or two but it didn't happen. It tastes great, smokes amazing but doesn't have a very high thc content. Idk I could have a higher tolerance right now.”