Mataro Blue Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I'm unsure of the genetics. My shatter packaging has different ones listed than leafly - and though I tend to agree with leafly, it doesn't matter because this strain is awesome. It tastes of sweet citrus and a slightly kushy finish. the sativa components hit immediately and gradually fade away to the tingle in your legs and the weight of your eyes. its a very relaxing strain for any time of day, however I prefer it...”

  • “First off, this is one of my absolutely top favorites!!!!!! And Ive tried many strains from Cali, Seattle, Portland, Reno, Denver, and Maine. It smells sweet and delicious!!. She looks pretty too with big red hairs and white crystals everywhere. Its tastes smoothe and very good as well.”

  • “Fruity taste with a high that creeps on you and will leave you slumped and relaxed. Very dense nugs from the dispensary in Toronto.”

  • “Has a nice blueberry scent. Smokes nicely, leaving you relaxed, and tingly in parts of your body. Great afternoon or nightime medicine. Would estimate my cut to be about 19-21% THC”

  • “Mataro Blue has hints of berry when you fist smell the bud. Smokes very nicely, with an effect of relaxation and tingling in parts of the body. Great afternoon and nightime medicine. My cut ranges from an estimated 19-21% THC. Remember to keep some snacks on hand!”

  • “This is a beautiful, easy to grow high yield plant. Tonnes of trichoms and an elegant aroma. I don't smoke so that's all I can tell you.”

  • “Great Indica! Positive and chill but not lazy. Feeling high vibes. Downfall is headaches the next day....”

  • “Mataro Blue is a strain that provides very good pain and stress relief. Within an hour after consuming this strain will result in a very calm, relaxed and sleepy feeling. Overall, a good strain to relieve pain, reduce stress and combat insomnia. Would definitely recommend.”