Mendo Afgoo Reviews

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  • “This strain does wonders for calming my crippling fibromyalgia disorder!! As many of you fibro peeps out there know, with winter fast approaching, the cold damp weather, and sudden temperature changes, most days you feel like you're litterally petrifying! For me, I become so stiff that I can barely move about, my joints are all locked, weirdly out of place, from so much inflammation. Of course, my brain is a swampy f...”

  • “Even for an indica, I found this strain incredibly relaxing. It's not without an uplifting effect initially, but it soon reveals itself to be a true end of the day treat. I found myself losing focus with what I was doing and had to make some waffles. Earthy, pungent, and a bit skunky.”

  • “Great for insomnia- best night of sleep in months!”

  • “This strain is great for the end of the day. 10/10”

  • “Perfectly suited my needs during vacation in US. It helped me to close days smoothly with a couple of minutes for some relaxed work and after a while of laying I woked up in the same position but fresh and perfectly on time for breakfast. The sad for me is it is not possible to find seed in eu.”