Pakistani Chitral Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is great strain for days when you want a full body stone with no sativa kick at all. it isn't a full couch lock strain but still very heavy in the body. The purple on this strain is amazing. very little green and tons of trichomes”

  • “One of my favorites. Smell and taste on the mild side. High is the most calming I've ever experienced and comes on almost immediately. Good body high but doesn't knock you out. Just makes everything feel alright - not euphoric or energetic so much, just totally calm and content, like all is right with the world.”

  • “Location: L'Eagle Services THC: 17.87% CBD: 0.00% Appearance Rating: 5.00 Appearance Description: These buds are a goldish color with hints of purple. The thick, red hairs are a vibrant orange-red color. These compact and dense nugs are extremely frosty and well manicured. Taste Rating: 4.00 Taste Description: The flavor on this strain is incredibly unique. It has a mix of earth and berry, but also a slight spic...”

  • “Our caregiver is crossing the PCK with an OG cut but the PCK comes through hard. It's a fantastic heavy body stone that I really enjoy because it has the heavy painkiller effects that I need at night. Starts in my teeth and gums and just spreads from there until my whole body is numb. For high tolerance users this probably won't be a day wrecker but watch out if you're not used to 100% indica's, I usually have a max ...”

  • “as a RLS suffer, I wanted to try this and sure enough great body high (takes a bit to feel it but it's awesome) it numbs me just enough so I can easily sleep and cuddle in my blanket, great medicine,”

  • “Awesome taste. Very strong indica with fantastic blend of flavors”

  • “A subtle, creamy Kush flavour with lots of berry and menthol undertones and a sweet, meditational buzz make this a very unique and coveted plant. The lack of any noticeable sativa influence makes for a very calming, deceptively strong creeper of a buzz. Not necessarily total couch lock, but you won't want to move too far! Extremely enjoyable and delicious.”

  • “Excellent pain meds! Similar to Afghani in its strong indica body effects, except not as sedating. Very heavy, dense buds- medium packed bowl was potent. Smelled spicy, but the taste was smooth fruity kush-ness was easy to vape and kind to the lungs even to the end of the bowl.”