Paris OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Oh wow, this one’s ridiculously good. A medium to slow come on that gradually grows in pleasure - like an orgasm in extreme slow motion. You may think that’s hyperbolic, but the whole body literally radiates with pleasure. This degree of physical feel good-ness, euphoria, and sensory accentuation -all coupled with an impressive ”goneness” catapult this high into the hallucinogenic echelons of LSD. Initial rush of com...”

  • “insane indica, love it. wish I got the flower of it when it was in but glad I got the concentrate. the quality of the wax was fantastic so this Paris really was tasty and made me feel the buzz all over but slowly. the effects start in the head then move down for sure. 5 star night time strain, this will put you on the ground if the couch is absent.”

  • “I loved it. Smoked it with the wife and had amazing sex.”

  • “TOP 3 strain A++. Very strong and sedating. Maybe the headband but two bowls and I can't keep my eyes open. IF YOU NEED SLEEP GET THIS STRAIN.enjoy :) btw 35$ 8th EXHALE MED CENTER”

  • “Something I want to add before my review is that this strain looks and feels very beautiful, dark green and fluffy. I love it. It brings me a very good body high and is great for anybody with too much on their mind. Paris would be a great strain for anyone who just needs to be at peace. Definitely recommend.”

  • “I picked up this strain upon recommendation of a budtender for something for insomnia. I'm usually not an indica girl, but they are usually more helpful when i am really desperate for sleep. Two bong hits and the tingly head effects were immediate. The taste was very earthy. About 10 minutes later, a headband/halo-like feel set in, which I am not really a fan of, especially if i am already suffering from a migraine o...”

  • “This Strain pleasantly reminds me why I need to smoke more Indica Strains. After smoking approx half a bowl of this flower out of a small glass pipe, the "High" quickly took hold my body with a little pressure just in the back of my eyes. Then about 15 minutes later a pleasant blissful Cerebral High begins to take hold. Even though mild to moderate psychedelics came on pretty strong, I was still able to mentally f...”

  • “Paris OG is my new favourite Indica. It totally relaxes you, but doesn't knock you out. It's also incredibly smooth to smoke, let alone vape. Paris OG delivers when it comes to pain, yet also has nice cerebral effects. I've visited some really cool dimensions with this stuff! Overall it's a pretty amazing strain and totally worth trying for yourself.”