Pink Death Star Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “great earthy smell and taste... will kick your ass and glue it to whatever its stuck to at the moment. Recommended!”

  • “Great for just chillin and not doing a damn thing but relaxing! Pretty damn good when rolled in a blunt!”

  • “Some great meds! Don't pass this up it you come across this in the future. It's deep and earthy taste lift your spirits and sink your ass!”

  • “Just picked this up from my plug, I'm from Brooklyn and to get hands on this is pretty dope. Buds are very frosty with a very nice fruity spice type smell, I also noticed some purple within the buds.It's good to smoke when you have nothing to do and you really want to relax but not get sleepy. Burns very nice too with a more spice earthy flavor. Definitely one of my favs”

  • “This Sweet sticky bud, had me at Pink ! Don't plan much after a bowl or two , you will be couch locked. Pink Death Star comes on strong and peaks very nice after a hour or so. The tiny bud is very deceiving but , yea , all systems go .”

  • “Its a strong hitting strain if your a fan of bong rips. Havent tried it in a vaporizer yet, maybe later if Iam awake.”

  • “I picked some of this stuff up today in Toronto and it's the craziest tasting weed I've had in a while. Great high and a real spice-rack-soaked-in-diesel vibe”

  • “WOW, long time user and I give this strain 5. Leafly described it nicely. a bundle of turpine flavors and yes very euphoric, my head / face feel stoned lol...numbness and relaxing.”